Giulia Pancani

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Picture taken in Ellora, Maharashtra, India in February 2013

Here I am with a friendly lion in Ellora, Maharashtra – India



I am a PhD candidate in the Cognitive Psychology program at UNC Chapel Hill where I work in the Language, Brain and Cognition Lab with Dr. Peter Gordon.

My research goal is to further the  understanding of neural and cognitive processes involved in language comprehension during reading.  Specifically, I am interested in the mechanisms underlying the  early stages of word recognition and lexical processing and how other aspects of cognition, such as memory and attention, can affect these early stages of comprehension.

So far my research has relied on Event Related Potential (ERP) data in which experimental manipulations can produce  changes in the amplitude and time frame of brain components timelocked to words.

I am often recruiting paid participants for EEG experiments. Feel free to email emailto inquire about ongoing studies.